An unofficial guide to better mornings

An unofficial guide to better mornings

If you’re like me, you’ll have some mornings where your duvet becomes impossible to escape from.

Try the technique in this article and if it works for you, please let me know!

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A note of nerdiness

Yesterday, the ‘reckless impulse’ virus infiltrated my ‘sport’ program, resulting in the complete destruction of my ‘right thumb’ class. While all the backbone of the class is still fully functioning, the virus has injected so many ‘blood’ functions that the ‘body’ package is unable to even access the class. A complete rebuild of the ‘right … Continue reading

After-birth abortion

I’ve just read a paper on after-birth abortion, and it got me thinking about my own feelings on abortion, euthanasia and the such. Now while this paper is about abortions after the foetus is born, I’ve still to think and research that topic a bit more, so I suppose I’ll just begin with my views … Continue reading

The art of letter writing

Without meaning to sound old and cynical, I believe the art of letter writing is being lost. Okay I failed, that sounds exactly like what an old, cynical person would say. But the basic message is there: we’ve all practiced our formal and business letters for numerous Leaving Cert subjects, so why do we stop … Continue reading

Facebook saga – The Battle Swings

Well here’s an interesting development, I’ve discovered that my Facebook addiction has curbed slightly since finishing exams. No, really, I can actually go for a couple of days without feeling the need to check for Notifications. 😀 There’re a few good reasons for this: The most obvious is that I’ve stopped procrastinating. Everything’s relative, and … Continue reading

Rules for Ladies

I’m just after reading quite an interesting post by Malavika on what she believes the ‘Rules for Ladies’ should be. After reading ‘Rules for my Unborn Son’ and discovering that no similar list existed for girls, she took it upon herself to make that list and share her thoughts with the world; so fair play … Continue reading