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Tell Tale Matilda

I first heard this poem from my granny years ago. Despite my best efforts i couldn’t find it anywhere online. So eventually, I made my mum track down a single piece of paper with it written out: Tell tale Matilda was seven years old, Yet she did not repent as she ought to have done, … Continue reading

Web comics

As of right now, I really feel like doing web comics. I know it’s my procrastination manifesting itself as something enjoyable, but I don’t care. There’s very little holding me back at the moment, except my obvious inability to draw…

Online comics

The number of online comics I check out is getting way too high. In the beginning, there was just Cyanide and Happiness (it was what all the cool kids were reading!). Then slowly through internet humour sites, I was introduced to the wonders of . Anyone interested in maths and tech style jokes has to … Continue reading

Gay Marriage Logic

Following on from College Humour’s ‘Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfried‘ video (hilarious and well worth watching), I was reminded of a conversation I had a couple of years ago on the topic. I can’t recall how the subject arose, but it resulted in some surprisingly astute reasoning from a certain gentleman I wouldn’t have … Continue reading

The art of letter writing

Without meaning to sound old and cynical, I believe the art of letter writing is being lost. Okay I failed, that sounds exactly like what an old, cynical person would say. But the basic message is there: we’ve all practiced our formal and business letters for numerous Leaving Cert subjects, so why do we stop … Continue reading