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The dangers of technology

I’m sure many of you have heard about the events at Slane music festival this weekend. Since there are a myriad of blog posts and tweets already offering their opinion (and since we don’t yet know all the facts) I’m going to write about a different aspect – the role of technology. If you’re the … Continue reading

iPhone text shortcuts

There’s a cool feature on iPhone (and presumable other phones) which allows you to set up text shortcuts. Now, this is extremely useful if you tend to say ‘at the moment’ a lot: you can set up a shortcut ‘atm’ to automatically change to ‘at the moment’. Unfortunately, all good tools can be used for … Continue reading

Facebook Friend Suggestion

Interesting development: Facebook is after suggesting a couple of people with whom I have NO mutual friends. More than that, we have no ‘likes’ in common. As far as I can make out, Facebook is randomly suggesting people who live in the same country and are a similar age in the hopes that I start … Continue reading

A note of nerdiness

Yesterday, the ‘reckless impulse’ virus infiltrated my ‘sport’ program, resulting in the complete destruction of my ‘right thumb’ class. While all the backbone of the class is still fully functioning, the virus has injected so many ‘blood’ functions that the ‘body’ package is unable to even access the class. A complete rebuild of the ‘right … Continue reading

Facebook saga – The Battle Swings

Well here’s an interesting development, I’ve discovered that my Facebook addiction has curbed slightly since finishing exams. No, really, I can actually go for a couple of days without feeling the need to check for Notifications. 😀 There’re a few good reasons for this: The most obvious is that I’ve stopped procrastinating. Everything’s relative, and … Continue reading

Hi, I’m Realm, and I’m a Facebook addict.

Well the first step is admitting it. Unfortunately, it isn’t the last. I’ve been trying to figure out what it is about the site that constantly draws me to it. Needless to say of course, my last attempt at Facebook abstinence ended in disgrace. I would partly blame the new explosion of college memes, but … Continue reading

Foursquare- final review

Okay, I don’t normally do this kind of thing but I had to just delete the app. I kept getting notifications and I had a sneaky feeling it was draining my battery. I did go through a whirlwind few days of checking into places (when I wasn’t) just to see what would happen. Apart from … Continue reading

Foursquare – follow up review

Foursquare really isn’t as good as expected. I mean, it’s disappointing almost. In theory, you can see where all your friends are and what they’re up to; then all that data is compiled for finding out the best hang-out spots around town. In practice, I just keep getting updates for what my friends are doing. … Continue reading

iPads v Education

Okay, this is the post I had meant to write previously, but I kinda digressed … just a bit. Anyway, following on from the whole technology in education malarkey, I’m going to discuss the use of iPads for teaching material in college. This year, the department got a small bit (relatively speaking) of money to test … Continue reading