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The dangers of technology

I’m sure many of you have heard about the events at Slane music festival this weekend. Since there are a myriad of blog posts and tweets already offering their opinion (and since we don’t yet know all the facts) I’m going to write about a different aspect – the role of technology. If you’re the … Continue reading

The problem with pro-life debaters

Today I present you with another random snippet of my mind – the question of abortion. With all the news surrounding Savita and the X-case, I got to thinking about my stance on the whole abortion debate. There’s one aspect of the anti-legislation campaign which really bugs me, and I feel compelled to bore you … Continue reading

After-birth abortion

I’ve just read a paper on after-birth abortion, and it got me thinking about my own feelings on abortion, euthanasia and the such. Now while this paper is about abortions after the foetus is born, I’ve still to think and research that topic a bit more, so I suppose I’ll just begin with my views … Continue reading

Rules for Ladies

I’m just after reading quite an interesting post by Malavika on what she believes the ‘Rules for Ladies’ should be. After reading ‘Rules for my Unborn Son’ and discovering that no similar list existed for girls, she took it upon herself to make that list and share her thoughts with the world; so fair play … Continue reading

The Book of Questions

I’m in the mood now to post something proper in this category. After a massive clearout of our bookshelves, I came across one of my mum’s old books: ‘The Book of Questions‘, by Gregory Stock. Incredibly simple, yet it provides hours of pondering, reflecting and intellectual conversations. I know it’s the kind of book that … Continue reading

Lets start at the very beginning

I might as well fill this new category now, and I may as well start with my basic beliefs and principles. First of all, I’m extremely fickle when it comes to set-ideals. I easily change my mind from one minute to the next, so if I contradict myself between posts I’m not being a hypocrite, … Continue reading

New Category

Every site should have a space like this, since every person should constantly consider their moral stance on various topics. Not that I’m professing to be a philosopher or anything, but there are some things I can get quite opinionated on. More to come 🙂