The dangers of technology

I’m sure many of you have heard about the events at Slane music festival this weekend. Since there are a myriad of blog posts and tweets already offering their opinion (and since we don’t yet know all the facts) I’m going to write about a different aspect – the role of technology.

The vitriol that someone can feel towards someone they've never met and don't know never ceases to amaze me

The vitriol that someone can feel towards someone they’ve never met and don’t know never ceases to amaze me

If you’re the sort to go sifting through Tweets you’ll find that everyone has found someone to blame; the #slanegirl group are blaming the poor girl’s promiscuity, the #slanegirlsolidarity group are blaming the troglodytes (someone actually used this!), others are simply blaming the youth of today. I’m sure there are still decent teenagers out there. The problem is that they’ve too much technological power and don’t know what to do with it.

In the past, parents could understand new technology and educate their kids (enough) about how it should and shouldn’t be used. Today though, I feel technology’s moving too fast for parents to keep up. As recent as  5 or 10 years ago, camera phones weren’t a problem. Any photos were too low quality to be of any use. And the only way for them to be shared was texting /infrared to friends.

Now though, with the 3G internet anywhere thing, many parents don’t realise how dangerous it is. Even new apps are dangerous if used wrongly (just think of SnapChat). This incident at Slane was a combination of easily accessible cameras, and a means to share it. Quickly! The ‘viral’ effect has always existed, but Smartphones made it instant, allowing complete strangers to watch the videos before her friends and family.

In short, kids aren’t being properly educated on what to do with all this new technology. If the people recording realised what would happen their video once shared, would they have done it? (I’d hope not!) If the girl realised how many people would want to (or could) record her act, would she have done it?

Modern technology is a great tool, but its dangers need to be rooted into kids’ minds, for them to properly evaluate their every decision.
<end Luddite rant>


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