Online comics

The number of online comics I check out is getting way too high.

In the beginning, there was just Cyanide and Happiness (it was what all the cool kids were reading!).

Then slowly through internet humour sites, I was introduced to the wonders of . Anyone interested in maths and tech style jokes has to check it out. As well as the webcomic, they have a ‘What If?’ section where they attempt to answer physics questions such as ‘What if you had a mole (the number) of moles (the animal)?’.

Next in my list of ‘intelligent comics’ came Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. The author has a degree in literature and physics, so his comics have a curious scientific/philosophical basing.

I’ve had a look at MegaTokyo, but it’s a bit anime-based for my liking. (interestingly, Safari is saying that the site may be harmful. I wonder what’s going on there…)

I had a look at A Softer World as well. They have some good ones but loads of WTF ones too. All in all, it reminds me too much of Tumblr, or maybe that’s just me.

My newest addiction: Doghouse Diaries. I don’t know what it is about the humour that just sticks so well with me. Perhaps it’s the fact the three guy’s personal side shines through the whole time. Whatever it is, it works in a kinda geeky, satirical sense.


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