iPhone text shortcuts

There’s a cool feature on iPhone (and presumable other phones) which allows you to set up text shortcuts. Now, this is extremely useful if you tend to say ‘at the moment’ a lot: you can set up a shortcut ‘atm’ to automatically change to ‘at the moment’.

Unfortunately, all good tools can be used for evil, and if you happen to have a friend’s iPhone you can some shortcuts of your own!

Of course, this is wrong, and your friend will probably get quite annoyed (and will be fairly certain who did it). But I decided to give it a go anyway. Now obviously I chose something more subtle and less harmful than that previous link – I changed colons to semicolons on my friend’s phone. This has led to all her emoticons having winking faces.


Now, in my opinion this is rather harmless; she’s unlikely to get in trouble with her boss (unless she uses a ready supply of emoticons), she would know how to change it back, and to be fair, it’ll make all her texts that bit more interesting! It will also teach her how important it is to read back over a message before sending it.

I’ll keep you updated on how long it lasts before she realises. (unless of course she’s already realised, and now she’s just flirting with me… :s)


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