The problem with pro-life debaters

Today I present you with another random snippet of my mind – the question of abortion.

With all the news surrounding Savita and the X-case, I got to thinking about my stance on the whole abortion debate. There’s one aspect of the anti-legislation campaign which really bugs me, and I feel compelled to bore you all with my thoughts on it. Here goes:

As a (currently) pro-choice believer it would be arrogant of me to tell you when you should or should not have an abortion. By the same logic though, I don’t see how pro-life spokespeople can tell you when you can or can’t have an abortion (I.e. never). Nothing is absolute; I sincerely doubt there would never be an occasion when an abortion is necessary.
In my view the choice should be up to the mother (and father, to a lesser degree). The child is their’s; they will be the most affected. How could one person (or group) speak for a nation in its entirety?

A second aspect of the pro-life campaign which I don’t agree with is its anti-Christian ethos. I’m astounded by how much airtime this actually gets! I mean, really?! This is state legislation we’re speaking of, not Vatican law! Of course I don’t believe any Catholic should get an abortion, and I’d be rather upset if any member of my family did, without converting.
But as I said, this is state legislation we’re talking about, and any religious aspects need to be ignored immediately.

Whilst I’m ranting away here I may as well mention my qualms with the pro-choice movement. Not many advocates mention (or even acknowledge) the dangers of abortions. Yes, mothers die. Yes, it is a major financial commitment. Yes, it leaves families emotionally traumatised. So why keep skirting around these issues?
They need to be printed and posted up in every abortion and day clinic. As relatively pro-choice as I may be, I can’t unscrupulously stand back and let expectant mothers (and fathers) be led into a false sense of ‘security’.

I think that’s everything off my mind for now.
If you disagree with me, please tell me rationally and constructively. As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m very open to suggestion.


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