Posted in November 2012

The problem with pro-life debaters

Today I present you with another random snippet of my mind – the question of abortion. With all the news surrounding Savita and the X-case, I got to thinking about my stance on the whole abortion debate. There’s one aspect of the anti-legislation campaign which really bugs me, and I feel compelled to bore you … Continue reading

Gay Marriage Logic

Following on from College Humour’s ‘Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfried‘ video (hilarious and well worth watching), I was reminded of a conversation I had a couple of years ago on the topic. I can’t recall how the subject arose, but it resulted in some surprisingly astute reasoning from a certain gentleman I wouldn’t have … Continue reading

Facebook Friend Suggestion

Interesting development: Facebook is after suggesting a couple of people with whom I have NO mutual friends. More than that, we have no ‘likes’ in common. As far as I can make out, Facebook is randomly suggesting people who live in the same country and are a similar age in the hopes that I start … Continue reading