A note of nerdiness

Yesterday, the ‘reckless impulse’ virus infiltrated my ‘sport’ program, resulting in the complete destruction of my ‘right thumb’ class.

While all the backbone of the class is still fully functioning, the virus has injected so many ‘blood’ functions that the ‘body’ package is unable to even access the class.

A complete rebuild of the ‘right thumb’ class will take weeks to complete, so in the meantime I’ve had to import the ‘contra-handedness’ class into all of my functions. Unfortunately this is still in its beta stage, but I’m hoping that I’ll be able to improve its efficiency in the weeks to come.

The ‘contra-handedness’ class seems to be incompatible with functons ‘break egg’ and ‘tie shoelace’, any suggestions would be appreciated.

On a related subject, my interest in hurling was waned significantly. It’s a bloody mental sport when you think about it…

Inspiration: www.xkcd.com Their comics are hilarious if you’ve an interest in maths/computing.


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