After-birth abortion

I’ve just read a paper on after-birth abortion, and it got me thinking about my own feelings on abortion, euthanasia and the such.

Now while this paper is about abortions after the foetus is born, I’ve still to think and research that topic a bit more, so I suppose I’ll just begin with my views on euthanasia and abortion in general.


The first thing I’d like to point out is that I believe there are some cases where killing someone may be the best option available. The second thing I have to point out is that it should only ever be done if no better option exists, and I can think of only a few scenarios where this is applicable.

I know a lot of people will argue that abortion should be legalised where the mother is at serious physical or psychological risk, but I can’t help but feel her social and economic status should be considered as well. Take for instance a 16 year old girl, from a socially disadvantaged area, trying to stay in education, with enough family discord already; how wise is it for her suffer with the burden of a child simply because of one silly mistake she made? People often quote that every person has the right to life. That’s true, but consider the poor 16 year old for a moment – If she goes through with the birth, she stands to lose a number of important rights: the right to education, the right to a safe and secure home, the right to work and/or the right to personal autonomy. Such things must be considered before people make generalised statements.

I think it’s extremely strange that Ireland still doesn’t allow abortions, considering how liberal this day and age is. I mean, it’s not a decision that people take lightly, it’s not like the country’s still controlled by the Catholic church, yet still the stigma remains. I know I need to learn much more about the subject, but it’d be interesting to know why this part of the constitution remains unchallenged.

On a final note: Of course fostering is by far a much better option, it’s a shame that supply often outweighs demand. I don’t mean to try and change your own views on adoption; in fact, I’d be more than happy to hear what you have to say on the subject. I just feel that this is as good as place as any to voice my opinions without facing personal persecution (such is the benefit of internet anonymity).


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