Facebook saga – The Battle Swings

Well here’s an interesting development, I’ve discovered that my Facebook addiction has curbed slightly since finishing exams. No, really, I can actually go for a couple of days without feeling the need to check for Notifications. 😀

There’re a few good reasons for this:

  • The most obvious is that I’ve stopped procrastinating. Everything’s relative, and Facebook no longer seems the most fun thing to do whilst the sun is shining.
  • Following on from this is the fact that other people have stopped procrastinating. I automatically know that when I log on, there won’t be anything of value to read.
  • The internet at home is so terrible, that I physically couldn’t be on Facebook the whole time.
  • People (the ones I still want to talk to) are using other media to keep in contact; email, text, Skype, twitter… Facebook has been notably diminished!

Unfortunately, every white cloud has a grey lining. I know I can never sever the links to the site completely because:

  • Once the new term starts, it’s going to be the first place for new information; and until a new ClassBook site is set up, that’s not going to change quickly.
  • I’ve really gotten into Triviador. It’s a quiz game against random-ers, for want of a better description, and I’m not doing too bad at it. I’m sure this phase will pass soon though, and I’ll move onto some other game.
  • The thought of ‘maybe something important’s been posted’ keeps gnawing at the back of my mind. I really can’t ignore it for more than a few days, and I don’t think it will go away completely until I know that more people are using Twitter (or something similar).
  • That damn Oxytocin!

Well, for the time being, my addiction has subsided. It’s a welcome change, and hopefully it will last!


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