Rules for Ladies

I’m just after reading quite an interesting post by Malavika on what she believes the ‘Rules for Ladies’ should be. After reading ‘Rules for my Unborn Son’ and discovering that no similar list existed for girls, she took it upon herself to make that list and share her thoughts with the world; so fair play to her on that account.

Reading down through her post, I felt that some were obvious, some were surprising, some were controversial, but all were interesting. Without giving away too many spoilers, these were just a couple that really stood out for me:

  • “Once you’ve made your point, stop talking.” is one that every person should heed. There are certain women I listen to, whom, in trying to motivate someone, completely overemphasise their point. It makes me want to scream at them: “This isn’t debating society! He’s going to go cut that grass now.” Seriously though, if you stress every little detail, it loses effect for when something important arises.
  • “Dress modestly” couldn’t be more true. I mean sure, everyone wraps up warmly during these chilly pre-summer days, but when it’s time to go clubbing, you can expect to see many dresses and skirts, and you can expect them to be short! Even with simple class parties, I have to nit-pick through a couple of hundred pictures to ensure that there are no ‘risque’ elements included.
  • “Sometimes, go out without make up.”. Excellent advice, all girls should follow it. I’m not sure if it’s because it makes them focus more on their personality, but girls who go for the natural look just seem (to me anyway) more honest and ‘likable’.

There are a few (I’m not sure if they’ve come from ‘Rules for my Unborn Son’) which are great tips for everyone:

  • “Never brag.” and always be modest. Even if you’re disappointed that an act of kindness goes unnoticed, be satisfied with the knowledge that that person’s life is now a little bit happier because of you.
  • “Don’t gossip.”. There was a study done once, which showed that if you were talking about bad traits (even someone else’s), people would subconsciously link those bad traits to you!
  • “Know what’s happening in the world.”, because although there’s nothing wrong with ignorance, you should at least make an attempt to know current affairs, out of common courtesy.
  • “You can’t be friends with everyone.”. It’s human nature: some people are bored by the shy, quiet type, whilst some people are overwhelmed by the boisterous, enthusiastic kind. You simply can’t please everyone, so why worry? As long as you know you’ve tried your best to be happy in yourself, you’ve nothing to regret. In fact, if you do go through life without having anyone dislike you, you should question whether you lived life too safe!
  • “Have a talent that you can surprise people with.”. Whether it’s juggling, singing, Rubik’s cube or magic, I always say that you should be a Jack of all trades, and a master of one.

There are many more, and I’d urge you to give them a scroll through. You won’t agree with all of them (since everyone’s different) and some may not apply (I’m finding “Match your underwear as often as you can.” very difficult to relate to), but hopefully, maybe, you might read something that will change your outlook on life. 🙂


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