Draw Something App

Wow, it’s been a while since I updated this. I wish I could blame study for my leave of absence, but in reality, procrastination played the most part.

I suppose now would be a good time to point out that you probably shouldn’t expect articles promised in previous posts any time soon!

One thing that has grabbed my attention is the App Draw Something. A fiendishly addictive take on the classic game Pictionary, users sign in via Facebook or email to create their own masterpieces and to guess their friends’ (or random users’) doodles.

You’re starting pallet is rather basic; black, red, yellow, blue and a rubber. To supplement that you can ‘buy’ more colours using virtual coins you earn, or actually buy them with real money. For the first while, the fun lies in simply trying out you’re artistic skill, deciphering others’ scribbles, and trying to save up to 250 coins to get more colours.

At the first chance I got, I bought the Mardi Gras package (the very important green, purple, orange, brown, grey), and a whole new challenge was available again. Now, equipped with a green, I could actually do semi-good drawings. Another essential was a cheap €2 stylus that my dad was given to use with his iPhone, but had never opened; this little tool really gave me the push to get me interested in drawing!

My next challenge is to unlock the neon colour pack. The light green, sky blue, pink, bright red and bright yellow should be sufficient to let me add ‘realistic’ shading. There are 15 sets of 5 to choose from, but unless you really dress to impress, there’s no point rushing for all the various shades of red available; more to the point, I simply don’t want to waste good money on something that I can easily earn.

For more information on tips and tricks please read Sharon Vaknin’s post.

I’ll leave you with some blatant self promotion to admire. Please give them 5 stars! 🙂


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