Foursquare – follow up review

Foursquare really isn’t as good as expected. I mean, it’s disappointing almost. In theory, you can see where all your friends are and what they’re up to; then all that data is compiled for finding out the best hang-out spots around town.

In practice, I just keep getting updates for what my friends are doing. The notifications are worse than Facebook and Twitter combined! Worse than that, I’m meant to let my friends know how boring my daily life is (lecture, coffee, lecture, muffin, lecture, Topaz for roll, anatomy labs …). I’m sorry, but I have absolutely NO interest in following my friends all day just to find out that I’m the most boring in the group. If I want to know where the best place for a muffin is I’ll do it the old fashioned way and ask my friends, or read a review of a cafe online.

My conclusion? You can keep your 250 competition money, I’d prefer to keep my privacy.


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