The Book of Questions

I’m in the mood now to post something proper in this category.

After a massive clearout of our bookshelves, I came across one of my mum’s old books: ‘The Book of Questions‘, by Gregory Stock. Incredibly simple, yet it provides hours of pondering, reflecting and intellectual conversations. I know it’s the kind of book that Crepe Season would love!

I don’t normally read introductions, but this one was incredibly well written; in fact I’d post it all online here if I was allowed to.

In case you didn’t follow the above link, this book is basically a collection of personal questions that force you to think about yourself. They range from the profound (What is your most treasured memory?) to the comical (When was the last time you sang to yourself?). Whatever the question, all 200 lead to an intense, personal discussion. The level of philosophy is up to you!

When I first saw it, I actually thought it would be a perfect guide for writing a blog. I mean, some people would prefer to keep their deepest emotions hidden from the general internet population, but a certain level of personal feelings can be a very entertaining read. Who knows, I might even answer some questions for you guys!


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