iPads v Education

Okay, this is the post I had meant to write previously, but I kinda digressed … just a bit.

Anyway, following on from the whole technology in education malarkey, I’m going to discuss the use of iPads for teaching material in college. This year, the department got a small bit (relatively speaking) of money to test out how effective iPads were in teaching anatomy. I’ve had fun using them so far, but what really ignited my love was when I got my own iPad for Christmas and got to bring it into the lab.

Now, I’m sure the lecturers had plenty of qualms about their introduction (mainly were we mature enough to stay off Facebook), but I believe they’ve been an excellent resource. Namely:

  • The department ones come loaded with Pocket Anatomy.
  • You can quickly Google any difficult terms instead of searching through a book which mightn’t even explain them.
  • You can bring a load of textbooks into the lab with you. Incidentally, a friend of mine gave me a number of medical ebooks when I first got my iPad (I assume she downloaded them legally, and then passed them onto me when she didn’t want to use them anymore).
  • All your dissection guides can be displayed in one handy place.
  • All my notes can be kept in one place.

Keeping it clean is simple; good quality cling film is provided. In addition to this, our group (I think) is trustworthy enough to share it around.

The parallel program (independent learning on the side) is also greatly enhanced with an iPad. There are a number of excellent resources out there were you could review histology, biochemistry, gross anatomy, and much more. Obviously, you couldn’t bring a laptop in with you, and books have their obvious limitations, so I believe that iPads are the way to go.

I’ll get around to writing more about my general tablet use in the future, but for now I’ll try to imagine dissecting without an iPad…

Ah no. It’s too painful! I really hope the department decides to run with this pilot project. 🙂


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