Posted in March 2012

Foursquare – follow up review

Foursquare really isn’t as good as expected. I mean, it’s disappointing almost. In theory, you can see where all your friends are and what they’re up to; then all that data is compiled for finding out the best hang-out spots around town. In practice, I just keep getting updates for what my friends are doing. … Continue reading


Wow, this is my fifth post today. The fact that I can’t get off this site may have something to do with something I should be doing instead. Why do I procrastinate so much? D:

iPads v Education

Okay, this is the post I had meant to write previously, but I kinda digressed … just a bit. Anyway, following on from the whole technology in education¬†malarkey, I’m going to discuss the use of iPads for teaching material in college. This year, the department got a small bit (relatively speaking) of money to test … Continue reading

The Book of Questions

I’m in the mood now to post something proper in this category. After a massive clearout of our bookshelves, I came across one of my mum’s old books: ‘The Book of Questions‘, by Gregory Stock. Incredibly simple, yet it provides hours of pondering, reflecting and intellectual conversations. I know it’s the kind of book that … Continue reading

Technology and/or Education?

The combination of technology and education always seems to be a tense one. I remember in primary school we weren’t allowed any phones, game boys, digital watches or tamagotchis; we could however, use the classroom computer on special occasions (ah, the good ole days of Windows ’95). The emphasis was obviously on exercise and ‘proper’ … Continue reading


Now, I’ve never heard of this site before, but there’s a city-wide competition to utilise it and TAG all the best places around. I’m certainly not one to shy away from a challenge (and prizemoney), so I thought I’d give it a try.

As you can see from the video, the basic idea is to build a “tourist-attraction database” that you’re ‘friends’ rate and review. Although it stays away from the whole social side of Facebook, it does require that you have an account there before scanning all your friends to find the ones that are using Foursquare already.

Will it work? Well it has been very strategically planned. The Facebook connection is a major clincher that will slowly spread through Friends to reach its critical mass. The other major thing that is has going for it is the fact that it operates through Smartphones. I mean, imagine you’re in a bar and you get a message with “12 friends have been in this place before you. What rating would you give it?”; you’d certainly be tempted to quickly give it the rating it needs.

Of course, I’ve no idea of how this thing will work; I’ve only just signed up and I won’t be able to download the app until tomorrow. I’ll keep you all posted though as I discover the pros and cons of the system. 15 million others are using it; how bad could it be!?

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