Baking – Take one

Well I’d consider that pancake Tuesday a success. I went in blind with flour, milk, eggs and a short text with the relevant amounts that would be needed.

I could easily have bought ready-mix, or simpler still, just bought pancakes. But no, when I’m determined (and obstinate) I really go for the challenge. I might point out at this stage that I had no way of sifting the flour, of weighing it out, or of measuring out the milk…

Solution? Be a nerd! The packet of flour was 2kg, and roughly the same width all the way down, so I just measured with a ruler and did a quick bit of maths. The milk was even simpler, once I thought of it. By pouring water from a cup into the kettle, I could read off how much 6 cups contained. Another few calculations and I knew how to make up 290ml of milk!

No mixing bowl, so I just grabbed a normal large bowl. The frying pan was completely useless for the job, but I somehow managed to produce 10 edible specimens. I hope this picture comes in below:


And that is how you begin lent – student style!


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