Assignments. Why? Just, why?

“Write a … summary on the role of HDL in cholesterol transportation and the clinical consequences of genetic abnormalities and high cholesterol diet.”

What an assignment title, I blanked out even before I started…  :S

Apart from having a personal mental barrier against biochemistry, the subject is made even more difficult to concentrate through bland slides and an Eastern European lecturer (not being racist, but foreign accents are harder to listen too!)

I completely realise that I’m procrastinating by writing about doing work, rather than actually doing it. Speaking of which, word count is now 93. I wonder what percent of my essay could have been written by now.

So in classic hypocrisy, here’re a few tips to help overcome procrastination:

  1. Don’t write a blog, or Facebook chat with your friends about all the work you have to do.
  2. Now being serious, just start with the easy stuff. So first, open up a blank word document! 🙂
  3. Write the title and put it as ‘Heading 1’.
  4. Save in appropriate folder with appropriate name (you wouldn’t want to go losing all your good work now :p ).
  5. If the title’s off-putting, then Google/Wiki all the words you don’t understand.
  6. Write an introduction. Believe it or not, but actually stating the obvious can pass as an intro. So for mine I’ll probably just define all the big long words and then say that the whole thing’s very important. 🙂

After that, I’m at a loss. With any luck, you’ll now be in a mood for actually doing something. If not, I suppose making a plan/outline for yourself could help, and promise yourself that hot cuppa after you’ve done paragraph one!

Well I’m running out of things to talk about, and apparently I could have had the thing half written with this amount of words… So it looks like it’s time to go with my first step, and stop typing.


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