Clearing info – the journey begins

Beginning trying to edit all my content, was a difficult task to say the least. In fact, so difficult that I’m not even halfway through and I don’t want to bother with it for now.

The most obvious thing to do was to clear anything on the ‘Info’ section. So birthday, sexual preference, hometown were all put to blank. Whilst doing all this, I noticed certain things weren’t as easy to clear as they used to be. This may be due to Facebook stopping you clearing your “personal genaeology site”, but I don’t want to jump to any conclusions. For example, you think you might be safe in clearing your ‘hometown’, but there’s also ‘where I’m from’. Took me a few clicks to find out where to change it, but got their in the end.

One of the most absolutely annoying things is the new ‘map’ feature. In theory it allows you to group photos by where they were taken, in practicality it allows you to see everywhere a person’s visited, lived and/or partied. In fact, I had over 100 photos all pointing to where I lived. Worse is the realisation that I wouldn’t have known about it only that I was clearing all my data anyway! Getting rid of the geo-tags was even worse. It wasn’t enough to just go through my 20 or so albums and edit their general information, it turns out that there were individual photos with the location tagged!!

So if anyone’s looking to clear their own geo-tags, here’s the ‘easy’ way to do it:-

  • Click on ‘Map’ at the top-right of your profile. It should tell you how many tags exist.
  • Taking the first photo displayed as a starting point, click on its date-and-time link. This will bring you straight to the album it’s in.
  • From there, edit its tags at the bottom.
  • Now hopefully, there will be more photos in the album geo-tagged, so all you have to do is flick through that album and de-tag.
  • If not, you’ll have to go to ‘Maps’ again, and go through the same progress for any that are left.
  • Funnilly enough I still have 4 tagged, but I don’t know which. I presume these are ones where some location is typed, but Bing Maps doesn’t recognise it (eg. Dave’s basement). I can’t think of anyway of clearing these unless I go through every photo I’ve ever uploaded… I’m not bothered, to be honest.

Next step in my Facebook-censoring process was to “delete” any outrageous posts I had made in my drunken innocence, and that anyone flicking through may take offence to. (I put “delete” in commas, because I’m 99% sure Facebook still have it saved somewhere. Who knows, they might one day decide that I suddenly need to see them all again!) Nothing much to this, except to trawl through and imagine that my lecturer was reading every one of them. Needless to say, I haven’t gotten past 2010 yet after hours on Facebook.

As it stands, all I have left posted (in the immediate past) are shares and re-posts that I felt were either culturally or politically relevant enough for all my ‘friends’ to see.

If I notice any other problems that exist in Facebook for clearing information, I’ll write about it.


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