Lets start at the very beginning

I might as well fill this new category now, and I may as well start with my basic beliefs and principles.

First of all, I’m extremely fickle when it comes to set-ideals. I easily change my mind from one minute to the next, so if I contradict myself between posts I’m not being a hypocrite, I’m simply in a different mood!

So I guess that brings me nicely onto my only proper principle –

Every rule of thumb has exception, except this one.

Fairly self explanatory, links into the whole ‘never say never’ genre and reminds me I never have to continue with any conformity. Someone once pointed out that the sentence itself is an oxymoron, that to exempt itself from its own rule doesn’t make logical sense. To which I replied: “I couldn’t care less”. Seriously though, you know what I’m coming at. Don’t nit-pick my phrasing of it.

Next I suppose I should probably point out that I’m fairly consequentialist. Not extremist or anything, but I think my love of maths will always have me saving the two unfamiliar patients instead of the one I know. So some of my views may make me look like a heartless bastard, but really I’m just looking at the bigger picture.

Finally, I’m a strong believer that beliefs should never be forced upon a person (just in general now – see my first principle). As this picture conveys (NSFW, by the by), it’s annoying when pushy people practically attack you on the street with information on whatever cause they’re collecting for. But worse are the people that tell you that you’re wrong! I mean, it’s fine disagreeing with me or trying to reason with me, but for the love of Spongebob don’t try and tell me I’m a bad person for praying to a fictional character!

I think that’s my fundamental views in a nutshell. I’ll get around to expanding on them when the fancy takes me.


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