Hmm… I’ve only been at this for 24 hours and I’ve already made 8 posts and created 2 new categories.

Not that writing (or typing – you know what I mean…) is a bad thing, and I know I’m not going to keep rate up for long, but I’m wondering if this is generally the accepted format. Like I haven’t really looked on anyone else’s blog. Do they lump everything into the uncategorised genre and distinguish with tags, or do they neatly file everything away in a myriad of categories and sub-categories?

I guess I don’t really care, since I’m going to do my own thing anyway (I can be very independent on things like this). I have a Tech folder, for all things related to technology, and an ethics and morals folder, for … well, all ethical and moral jazz. I’m presuming I’ll add more as need be (college, sport, interesting articles, music, etc), but I’m happy with what I have so far 🙂

Also, I presume people just view a certain category if they’re interested in say, a person’s opinion of modern cyber-companies, but not of anything philosophical? Should I have made a separate (but linked) blog for these? It’s too late now, so I just hope that people can work out how to filter for themselves.


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