Posted in February 2012

New theme

I was looking for something a little more ‘flash-y’, but I guess this will do for now. I do quite like how there’s no clutter at all. Every post is shortened so it’s easier to flick through them all, and there’re no bold colours to distract you. Looking through the available ones, I couldn’t believe … Continue reading

Baking – Take one

Well I’d consider that pancake Tuesday a success. I went in blind with flour, milk, eggs and a short text with the relevant amounts that would be needed. I could easily have bought ready-mix, or simpler still, just bought pancakes. But no, when I’m determined (and obstinate) I really go for the challenge. I might … Continue reading

Gaming App Review

Gaming apps for mobile devices – they’re unavoidable nowadays. Whether you’re on the bus, in the cafe, or up the back of the lecture hall, you’re bound to see someone trying to beat their friend’s latest highscore in some easy-to-play-but-difficult-to-master game. But what’s the best app to get? How much should you pay for one? … Continue reading

Google+ or Facebook?

Right, I had already written this out, but between the iPad and the bloody wireless, it wasn’t saved. Here we go again… This whole hype about Google v Facebook began last May when Google announced that they were moving into the social networking scene. Up until this point Facebook had about 70% of the social … Continue reading

Lesson for life:

Before locking a door, make sure to always have a phone with you. Having a pen-knife or Stanley as well is recommended. But whatever happens, stop turning the key when you feel it bending. It doesn’t do well to have a broken bit in the tumbler!

Temple Run

Now, I’m stuck in a very embarrassing situation as I write this (more on that later). Basically I’m stuck waiting in a room with only a phone for contact to the outside world. I don’t really want to waste my credit explaining to friends how I got myself locked in, so I’ll just sit and … Continue reading

Assignments. Why? Just, why?

“Write a … summary on the role of HDL in cholesterol transportation and the clinical consequences of genetic abnormalities and high cholesterol diet.” What an assignment title, I blanked out even before I started…  :S Apart from having a personal mental barrier against biochemistry, the subject is made even more difficult to concentrate through bland … Continue reading

Polling with social media

Originally posted on Gigaom:
Companies are high on social media for a number of reasons, but perhaps chief among them should be that social platforms provide the opportunity to create focus groups at a scale never before possible. Millions of people talk about all sorts of things online, and with the right systems and algorithms…

Just a quickie

Latest Update: This Facebook-less life has been going on for two days now, and it’s already getting tough. This is really going to take some discipline! Every time I laugh at a status or photo, I feel that over-whelming urge to ‘like’ it. Every time some messages me with ‘hi’, it kills me to turn … Continue reading

The origin of words

I often consider the origin of words. What their roots are, how they came to be, and most importantly, how they’ve evolved over time. I feel Latin and Greek stems particularly important to know, as it makes so many English words easier to learn. A few weeks ago I submitted something to the student newspaper, … Continue reading